Cleaning Egg Stains From Clothes

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You prepare yourself for work and decide to make yourself a quick breakfast, eggs and ham. That's when disaster happens, you soil your clothes when you break the eggs and stain them with a gooey liquid that not only looks but feels gross. Changing your clothes can be done fast but wait...dry egg stains are very difficult to remove afterwards, so you might want to take action immediately.

A lot of cleaning experts from a cleaning company in London advise that you treat the clothes with cleaning products as soon as you can, but if you don't have the time here is how you can take care of them after the stain has dried out.

First take a dull knife or a spoon and try to remove the egg residue as much as can (don't overdo it so you don't ruin the fabric). After that dab the stained area with a soft absorbent cloth. To loosen the stain take a sponge and soak it in cool water and dab again the stained surface from both sides. If that doesn't do the job and the stain still feels crusty try rubbing some liquid detergent on it. The goal is to dissolve the stain a little before you start washing it. Put the clothing into a wash basin filled with cool water and soak it for 15-30 minutes. Afterwards rub the stain with both hands to loosen it more. Egg stains are quite tricky and if after all the mentioned above manipulations it still hasn't disappeared you might have to spin it in the washing machine on high temperature. Let the clothing dry naturally on your washing line and see if there isn't any stain left. If there is still a yellowish residue left, then repeat the process again.

Crusted egg stains are very difficult to deal with because the fabric almost grows together with the stain and it is hard to divide the two. So don't be alarmed if your first try is unsuccessful and try again until you get the desired result.
If you you have any problems with stain removal be sure to call at a cleaning company in London.

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Cleaning Egg Stains From Clothes

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Cleaning Egg Stains From Clothes

This article was published on 2012/05/24